Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions ... AGAIN!

I feel like I've been here before. Yes, I have, but I mean that I'm sitting in front of my computer again ... writing in my blog again ... about New Year's resolutions again. I did fairly well with my resolutions from 2009. Well, sorta. I am vowing again to follow that awesome flylady. She has it going on. I like how she approaches the oraginizing of one's life. I need it! I spent the last two days following her 15 minute pockets of decluttering. It worked wonders. The back of my car is full of had-to-have items that I am giving to Goodwill. Phew! What a relief!

My other goal this year is to scrapbook my pictures more often. I was inconsistent the last few years and my albums have paid the price. Not only are they are disheveled and disorderly, but have gaping holes in them. I left spaces for "special pictures/stories/etc", and I no longer know what needs to be added at this point. Just where are those pictures let alone the memory that goes along with them?

What else? I'm going to shake up my workouts. I think my body has gotten used to the routines I've been doing for the last several months. Need a change! Something to keep me interested. Getting to the gym and working out is not the problem. I've always been a fanatic, but the sheer boredom is killing me! I've been investigating different routines and look forward to working them in to my daily workouts.

That should be enough for me to get the year started with a bang! Bang! Bang! I am looking forward to a spectacular 2010!