Monday, January 31, 2011

She's a Sassy Lady Gate Card

I am always excited when Sheila from She's a Sassy Lady posts a tutorial for the Gypsy. Saturday's challenge was creating a gate card. It was a bit of challenge for me because my image on the Gypsy wouldn't stay put at .21. It kept creeping off the page. I ended up cutting the card before I realized this was happening. I made a few adjustments while making creases on the card. I played with it a bit more today, and believe I have it corrected. Nevertheless, I liked the way it turned out. My son is going to a birthday party this Friday for a girl he has a crush on. She has a couple of cats as pets so he requested I put a cat on the card. Also, in lieu of gifts, his friend asked the kids to bring donations for "Little Bit of Snuggles Animal Rescue". I will be replacing the Bath & Body gift card with a PetSmart card. Sweet idea!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Here I sit in the car dealer's showroom, waiting once again. What pray tell am I waiting for? Well, my car radio is acting up again! I cannot believe it! I had the car in for service not even two weeks ago. Apparently, all went well with the new radio set up. Yeah, sure! One of the features I have on the radio is the XM service. Couldn't live without XM radio ... as I couldn't live without my heated seats, my remote starter, and my sun/moon roof! I'm not spoiled, really! Now that I am accustomed to these little luxuries, I am holding on to them with clenched fists. I went to hit my weather tab last week while driving ... well, slip sliding, in the snow. No weather tab to be found! Where did it go? I promptly contacted XM. While they were very nice about downloading the weather information three times while I sat in various and remote parking lots with the car running so the download would take, my tab was still no where to be found. Ugh! I called the dealership, and of course, didn't get a phone call back. In my desperation, and since I was actually paying for this little added benefit, I contacted XM again. Boy are they a patient bunch! I lost my normally sweet and calm cool! We decided that it was not an XM problem, because the feature was successfully downloaded. I just didn't have access to it! Now, I'm back a the dealer. Please, please let the whole radio work this time. An hour has passed, and I am trying to be patient. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Technologically Challenged

Yep, that's me! How did I go from being pretty good at figuring things out on the computer to spending hours trying to figure out how to add a new template to my blog?!? It MAY have something to do with me being a perfectionist ... continuously tweaking gadgets, widgets, html codes, etc. until they look the way I want them to look. Ugh! I'm getting there slowly but surely. I'll see you all on the flip side of my exasperation!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creative Scrappers Sketch #137

I have had this sketch sitting on my desk since its reveal on January 2, 2011! I was finally able to settle in to my scrap space and begin creating. And, I must admit, it's easier for me to escape when it's snowing like crazy outside. Snow is a love/hate relationship with me. I love it because I can hunker down in my own spot and scrap or read or sleep. I hate it because I have a tendency to feel confined and dissociated with the world. Such a conundrum! With the snow piling up outside, and my space heater on, I'm hoping to be inspired by sketches #138 and #139.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it snow!

I've been wanting to post since New Year's Day, but haven't been in the right frame of mind to do so. I'm not really sure that I am in the "right" frame of mind right now, but the kids are off school today because of snow ... maybe the cold too. Who knows? I do not understand the criteria the administrators use to determine a delay or a closing. Ugh!

I've been up since 5:10 am perusing the "school closing" listings. I didn't see either of my boys' schools. Then, I went back to bed to try to sleep until 6 am when I get up to say good-bye to Austin. As I laid my head on the pillow, my cell phone vibrated with a message there was a 2-hour delay. Oooookay. I got up again to turn off the alarm clocks so the boys could sleep in. Their 2-hour delay means that I get to sleep in a bit longer as well. Who was I kidding? Phone buzzes again. Friends making sure I was aware of the delays. Phone rings! Principal from my son's middle school telling us there is a delay. I decide to get up ... who needs sleep?

I proceeded to hop on the schools' websites again. There is a cancellation for one, but not the other. I need coffee! As I am making my coffee, cell phone buzzes again. School cancelled for my oldest as well. Phew!

Will it be a day of making cookies, playing in the snow, and making scrumptious mugs of hot cocoa filled with fluffy, white marshmallows? Only time will tell. Secretly, I'm hoping to get a bit of crafting done today. Personal Scrapper is having an online crop. I need to let the creative juices flow!!