Monday, April 19, 2010

One Month To Live

I have just started this study with several ... more like 20 ... friends from church. Our first meeting was this past Friday. The area in which I live experienced a micro burst Friday afternoon that robbed us of our electricity, shattered windows, sliced trees in half, tore rain gutters, and ripped siding off our house. We were forced to gather in a candlelit room and watch the DVD that accompanies this study on one of our friend's laptops. It certainly was an interesting way to kick start our study. But, it left us thankful for the food we shared, and the precious time we spent talking about how our priorities would change if we really did have one month to live. I am making myself accountable for finding ways to cut the clutter and prioritize what it truly precious in my life. What an amazing opportunity to have the chance to make these changes while I have many more ... God willing ... days ahead of me.

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