Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank You Card

My son's second to last day of school is tomorrow. He'll be finishing his sophomore year in high school. Gulp! Every time I look at him, I cannot help but remember the sweet cheeked lil' boy he was. Now, he is 2" taller than me! Oh, I could go on and on about the many changes he's made. Anyone who has kids understands this. Time flies! Wait! I was going to share with you the thank you card I made for his bus driver, Karen. She is so kind and caring! He's the only kid that she actually picks up in front of  his house. So, I always make sure my son has a gift to give her on as many occasions as possible. I added a gift card holder to the interior of the card. This is what I put together for her: 


  1. This is so elegant looking! I love it!! LOVING the colors and the title work!!!

  2. Hello, my friend! What a pretty card! Very nice and what a great job you did on it!

    Wanted to say "hi", and sorry I missed you but I'll be back again soon.