Monday, January 31, 2011

She's a Sassy Lady Gate Card

I am always excited when Sheila from She's a Sassy Lady posts a tutorial for the Gypsy. Saturday's challenge was creating a gate card. It was a bit of challenge for me because my image on the Gypsy wouldn't stay put at .21. It kept creeping off the page. I ended up cutting the card before I realized this was happening. I made a few adjustments while making creases on the card. I played with it a bit more today, and believe I have it corrected. Nevertheless, I liked the way it turned out. My son is going to a birthday party this Friday for a girl he has a crush on. She has a couple of cats as pets so he requested I put a cat on the card. Also, in lieu of gifts, his friend asked the kids to bring donations for "Little Bit of Snuggles Animal Rescue". I will be replacing the Bath & Body gift card with a PetSmart card. Sweet idea!


  1. Hi, Luvey! Thanks for visiting with me today and leaving a comment. I love when visitors drop by!!!

    Luvey, what a cute blog you have here and your card is too adorable. Your son should be thrilled to give his girl this cute card. Also I like the idea of replacing the bath and body for the Petsmart card (guess you tell I'm an animal lover!!!)

    While I'm here I'm going to take a peek around your place, but before I leave, please come around and visit with me again! I'll definitely be back to visit you!

  2. Luvy this is a WONDERFUL CARD!!! I am so glad you enjoy joining us on Saturdays. Have a great day!