Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Here I sit in the car dealer's showroom, waiting once again. What pray tell am I waiting for? Well, my car radio is acting up again! I cannot believe it! I had the car in for service not even two weeks ago. Apparently, all went well with the new radio set up. Yeah, sure! One of the features I have on the radio is the XM service. Couldn't live without XM radio ... as I couldn't live without my heated seats, my remote starter, and my sun/moon roof! I'm not spoiled, really! Now that I am accustomed to these little luxuries, I am holding on to them with clenched fists. I went to hit my weather tab last week while driving ... well, slip sliding, in the snow. No weather tab to be found! Where did it go? I promptly contacted XM. While they were very nice about downloading the weather information three times while I sat in various and remote parking lots with the car running so the download would take, my tab was still no where to be found. Ugh! I called the dealership, and of course, didn't get a phone call back. In my desperation, and since I was actually paying for this little added benefit, I contacted XM again. Boy are they a patient bunch! I lost my normally sweet and calm cool! We decided that it was not an XM problem, because the feature was successfully downloaded. I just didn't have access to it! Now, I'm back a the dealer. Please, please let the whole radio work this time. An hour has passed, and I am trying to be patient. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. really gave me such a smile with this post...I also cling to my luxuries and won't let them go. I hope all was resolved and that your radio is working well.