Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just a Small Token

I received the Custom Crops News Flash via email the other day. While perusing it, I came across a blurb about a 10 year old Arizona boy that wanted to send thank you notes to ALL the service people over seas. He is looking for donations from any one that makes homemade cards. I thought, "What a beautiful gesture!". There is an added bonus! For every five cards sent to Bazzill, the maker will be entered into a drawing to win two FREE tickets to the last Creative Escape 2011 (travel and accommodations, not included). That's cool, but I feel the need to contribute to the spirit of thanking our hard working and self-sacrificing military men and women. Here is where you can get more information on the project: Creative Escape.

I put together five thank you cards to send off tomorrow. Two of the five are pictured here. I used a template from one of Dawn's videos on her blog. I'm going to have my two boys sign their names so they can express, in some small way, their appreciation as well.

1 comment:

  1. Your cards are so pretty!

    I received that email from Custom Crops too, and it is a wonderful thing for them to do.