Monday, December 29, 2008

Ohhhhh Luvy ...

Just where did "Luvy" come from? A person I had never met before decided that I was Lovey incarnate. Can you imagine? It was a scrapbooking weekend with the girls. I was all revved up to catch up on scrapbooking the minutia of my boys' lives. I walked in to the scrapbooking hall - more like an army mess hall - carrying a small truckload of necessary scrapbooking paraphernalia. Stumbling through the narrow pathways carrying my "necessities", probably whining at nauseum, I could not locate MY spot at one of the tables. Upon finding my revered spot, I noticed a woman eye-balling me. She certainly wasn't admiring all my stuff, nor was she smiling. I believe there was venom spewing from her various orifices ... towards me. Ignoring her obvious distaste for me (really? distaste?), I said hello as I moved into my spot for the weekend. She may have been snorting as she shoved her chair away from the table. She ran to one of the her friends, fuming mad! Expletives were foaming from her lips! "Why me?", she exclaimed. "She's Lovey!". I was aghast at the accusation. Lovey ... from Gilligan's Island? Was she serious? My God! The only thing I had in common with Lovey was my glorious feaux hair color - blonde. Now, it was my turn to protest! Well, maybe it was a silent protest. First, I wanted to get settled before I said my peace. After all, I was here to scrapbook several masterpieces! I unpacked my many suitcases, placed my chair cushion on the hard, bent-out-of-shape chair, organized my scrapbooking space, and settled my type-A self in to my personal 3' x 3' space. Lovey! Just who did she think she was? The evening progressed with her twisted back snarling at me. Ugh! But, then something happened. My comments about various and sundry things ... all important of course! ... started sifting through her hard core. My snide analogies, silly quips, and idiotic observations started infiltrating her 3' x 3' space. Soon, her humphs turned in to giggles, then guffaws. I was amusing her. Finally, a break through! I won her over. We became fast friends, but alas, the nickname has remained. I have embraced the Lovey moniker ... although changing the spelling was a 21st century must! At each scrapbooking event since that fateful trip, I have worn the Lovey swept up hair, a hot pink, sexy boa, and pearls. Forever ... Luvy.

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