Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Random Thought

What about Bob? Did you ever see that movie? It's great! Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray starred in this movie. My hubby and I liked it so much that we often use the phrase "What about Bob?" - or whomever. Kind of an inside joke, but funny nonetheless.

My random thought was: "What about Tom?" My friend, Lynn, and I met Tom at one of our local watering holes here in "fly over country" (thanks, Rush). He was pleasant enough. Kind of flirty but in a boyish way. Definitely nothing over the top. We chatted for about an hour. That was that. Days later, Lynn and I were working out and low and behold, there was Tom on the Smith machine doing a chest exercise! I exclaimed my surprise at seeing him, ... sweating ... in shorts ... grunting at the strain of pushing so much weight. He pretended not to know us. How droll! Of course, I reminded him of our stimulating conversation from the other night. Tom smiled an easy smile acknowledging the aforementioned meeting. Moments later, ol' Tom hightailed it out of there. That was that. Lastly, my son and I bumped in to Tom yesterday at the dentist's office. Jeez, what is it with Tom? He caught my eye, smiled, but didn't really seem to remember me. Strange feller there, that Tom! After the dentist visit, I called my friend, Lynn, to share the story with her. Lynn thinks that Tom thinks that I'm stalking him! I cannot imagine! Funny about running in to him twice since our initial meeting. Next time, he'll probably run! And, that was that.

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