Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have to laugh because my youngest son asked for the Weird Al Yankovic song "eBay" to be put on his iPod shuffle. I had not heard the lyrics to this tune in several years. I believe that both my boys, especially my oldest, are addicted to eBay. Ever since receiving money for Christmas, they have been on eBay searching for Lord of the Rings paraphernalia, football jersey cards, and "authentic" Steeler jerseys. Both are in the process of depleting their cash funds on various items. Every day, they plead with me to log on the account so they can place bids. My house is being filled with this STUFF! I am trying to follow the Fly Lady mantra where if you bring something new home, then you have to rid yourself of something old. But, to no avail. These boys are stubborn. I wonder where they got that gene? At this point, each merely has pennies left of the Christmas stash. Thank goodness, because the eBay addiction is starting to pull me in with it's magnetic force ... you know, I already explained my magnetic aura dilemma. This eBay crack-addiction also has them collecting GameCube games, old football cards, and unused wii games, in order to sell on eBay so they can get more STUFF. I have images of people not being to step in to my house because of all the eBay STUFF lining my hallways, rooms, garage, perhaps even my driveway. Need to put a stop to this ...

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