Friday, January 2, 2009

Fly, Lady, Fly

A couple of Christmases ago, my mom gave me the book "Sink Reflections" by Marla Cilley. On the front cover of the book it read: "The FlyLady's Simple FLYing Lessons Will Show You How to Get Your Home and Your Life in Order - and It All Starts With Shining Your Sink!". I thought it was a funny memoir. I placed it on the pile of books I was going to read that year. Not until months later did I pick it up to leaf through it. Didn't appear to be what I thought it was. I actually sat down and read through it. Ms. Marla, aka the FlyLady, had some gosh darn good ideas.

I became a FLY Lady myself. Atleast for a little while. It worked; my life was less distracted, and more organized. How I ever allowed myself to fall off the wagon is unimaginable!

Here I sit on the second day of January leafing through the pages again. Following the FlyLady is going to be one of my New Year's Resolutions. It's simple and at times, fun. I have also subscribed to her daily emails to keep me motivated. Sometimes, by declaring your intentions out LOUD for your friends and the world to hear, makes them stick just a bit more. Here's sticking to the FlyLady in 2009.

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